About Us

Shop Rent Gala started from a spark of inspiration during the final stretch of our wedding preparations. We were booking chairs for our presidential and guest tables at that time. Having a background in interior design and being a pioneer in the furniture industry, we thought, "Why not bring in our own?" Months after the wedding, we now have our own chairs, light fixtures, and even tablewares.

We aim to boost the event rental industry, so we strive to offer pieces that were never available before. We want event stylists to have a variety of options so they can always offer something new to their clients. We source pieces that are unique, artful and awe-inspiring. Tablewares such as plates, cutleries and glasswares that are available for rent is a first in the country.

Aside from offering rentals, we also thought of making a few of our items available for sale. Couples will transition into homemakers, and some might want to bring in pieces into their new homes. We are also open to serving restauranteurs, interior designers, and just about anyone who appreciates our pieces.